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Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. understands the emotions that come with initiating or responding to divorce proceedings. For almost 20 years, we've met with clients in states of anger, confusion, uncertainty and fear. With our personalized and highly professional approach to representation, we guide our clients through the challenges of a New York divorce, capably asserting their rights to a fair outcome. With hard work and tenacity, we get you to the place you can declare, "Wait 'til next year!" with confidence.

No city is more focused on winning than Brooklyn, and New Yorkers accept the demands of competing here with stoicism and resolve. Brooklyn is famously obstinate in the face of defeat. We coined the phrase "Wait 'til next year!" and turned it into a rallying cry. Yet, when the moment finally comes to admit our marriage is over, our façade chips away, and we feel something Brooklynites rarely feel: vulnerable.

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What Are Grounds for Divorce in New York?

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New York recognizes both fault and no-fault divorces. A fault divorce means that you are attributing the end of your marriage to your spouse’s behavior. The grounds for a New York fault divorce are:

  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Imprisonment
  • Separation

In order to file on the grounds of separation, you and your spouse must have lived apart for a year and filed a separation agreement.

By contrast, a no-fault divorce means that you are not attributing the end of your marriage to your spouse’s behavior. With this kind of divorce, there is no need to prove that anyone is at fault. New York recognizes the following as grounds for a no-fault divorce:

  • Irretrievable Breakdown

In order to file on the grounds of irretrievable breakdown, your marriage needs to have been broken down for at least six months and all of your financial affairs need to be in order.

Favorable Outcomes for Over 20 Years

Clients come to us from all over the five boroughs, Nassau, and Westchester for help filing for divorce in New York. Since 1997, our lawyers have established a solid track record of favorable outcomes for our clients. In negotiations, at trial, and on appeal, we augment our legal knowledge with creative strategies that deliver positive results.

Our law firm can assist with the following kids of divorce cases:

  • Uncontested divorce - In New York, an uncontested divorce is the quickest and least costly way to dissolve a marriage. To obtain an uncontested divorce, the couple must present the court with a signed divorce settlement agreement. Getting to a fair agreement is often a challenge; Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. consistently delivers.
  • Contested divorce - When a couple cannot deliver a complete divorce settlement agreement, they must litigate any issues. The contested issues are usually the most complex and emotionally charged, including child custody, spousal support, and property distribution. We combine legal knowledge and creative thinking to resolve even the thorniest custody and support issues. In addition, we've demonstrated time and again that we have the capacity, even as a small firm, to protect our clients' interests in the division of high-asset marital estates.

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Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. fights for fair outcomes in divorce proceedings so our clients can feel confident about their future. We deliberately limit our caseload to provide personalized service. If you are contemplating divorce or have been served with divorce papers, call (718) 717-1005!

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With nearly 50 years of combined experience, we have done more than practice family law: We've helped shape the development of the law through our victories on appeal. As innovative legal minds, we're always looking for ways to serve our client’s needs including same-sex couples and couples who have reason to prefer a legal separation or annulment to a divorce. We also have extensive experience in managing the unique custody and support requirements of special needs children. Whatever your goals are for your future, our team can help you find the appropriate solution.

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