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  • Highly recommend...sharpest, most ethical and empathetic attorney...
    Meredith gave me hope. She cared deeply about my child's and my welfare. Meredith did everything in her power to make things better and safer for my child and me. Good advice was given and for the first time in years I knew that the truth would come out and it did. My custody battle was extremely complicated, and Meredith turned things around much faster than ever expected. I would highly recommend Meredith to any person needing hope and help in resolving what seems to be impossible. Meredith is extremely reasonable, will explain each option and what the outcome could be with each. An extremely responsible attorney that gets back to you immediately and nothing ever fell thru the cracks. On a personal level, while Meredith is extremely professional and knows the law inside and out, she has a heart of gold and is extremely empathetic.

    - Heather F.

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  • I could not recommend her more highly.
    My attorney represented me in my divorce action and her knowledge, experience and creativity brought about a decision that was much better than my expectations. My interests were presented and argued in a clear, persuasive manner that reflected my wishes and were well received by the Court. I could not recommend her more highly.

    - L.E.

  • Very compassionate and I would strongly recommend her.
    An excellent divorce lawyer. She is effective and ethical and did a fabulous job representing me in a complex divorce case. I would strongly recommend her.

    - Anonymous

  • Brilliant and relentless with her opposition.
    ... kind, patient and trustworthy with her clients, and aggressive, brilliant and relentless with her opposition. Her knowledge of the system, ability to negotiate and ability to hold her ground was essential for me to be able to settle my dispute.

    - Anonymous

  • A true expert in all aspects of family law.
    A very strong advocate for her clients. She is invested in a good outcome for her client and is willing to fight for the best result through litigation or settlement. She is a true expert in all aspects of family law and knows how to use the law to the benefit of her client. I highly recommend her for any type of matrimonial issue, including divorce, custody, visitation, child support or any other issue regarding families. I am an attorney and have referred clients to her with excellent results and a high level of satisfaction."

    - L.S.

  • Combines great legal skills with toughness and wisdom.
    A top-notch domestic relations lawyer who combines great legal skills with toughness and wisdom. She is a go-to advocate if you have a divorce case, and I send many friends and clients to her for divorce representation.

    - Anonymous

  • Excellent. Without a doubt.
    Excellent. Without a doubt... the best in her field.

    - L.H.

  • I changed to this firm and could not be happier with my decision.
    I was using a bigger firm at the start of my case but the billing, approach and outcomes from each step left me unhappy. I changed to this firm and could not be happier with my decision. I now feel as I am doing everything I possibly could for my child.

    - Anonymous Client

  • Thank you for winning the battle!
    I could never thank you enough for the brilliant job you did at the Appellate Division. Thank you for winning the battle!

    - L.V.

  • Very knowledgeable and experienced.
    Very professional, very knowledgeable and experienced. She also knows many lawyers and judges in Brooklyn, which helped in planning my case.

    - Anonymous

  • Worked harder and smarter for me.
    [My attorney was] on top of her game. She worked harder and smarter for me than the fancy lawyers my former husband used who charged double her rate AND she got me a better settlement in the end.

    - Anonymous

  • Intelligent and responsive lawyer.
    Very thorough service. Intelligent and responsive lawyer, helpful staff. Overall positive experience.

    - Anonymous