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At Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C., we have spent many years representing plaintiffs and defendants in traditional Brooklyn divorce cases, where the filing party had to allege fault for the failure of the marriage, such as:

  • Adultery
  • Physical or sexual abandonment
  • Incarceration
  • Inhumane treatment

For the court to finalize the divorce, the plaintiff had to prove grounds for divorce, often times before a jury. Finally, in October 2010, New York adopted a form of no-fault divorce, allowing plaintiffs to state simply under oath that their marriage is “irretrievably broken.” At Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C., our Brooklyn divorce lawyers have helped many of our clients dissolve their marriages through this form of no-fault divorce. We understand the advantages and drawbacks of a no-fault filing and our goal is to make sure that you are well informed when you decide how you'd like to proceed.

The No-Fault Advantage: Reducing the Pain, Time, & Expense

Because no-fault divorce eliminates debate over the origin and nature of marital squabbles, our family attorneys are free to focus on financial and custodial issues. We work diligently to help you move forward with your life — as efficiently and effectively as possible. An important thing to keep in mind is that, whereas the court may finalize a divorce filed on fault grounds even when all the ancillary issues haven't been resolved, the law prohibits a final decree for a no-fault divorce until you've worked out all other issues.

How it Impacts Your Other Divorce Issues

While no-fault can be a quick route toward an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse must still negotiate or litigate financial and custodial issues, where serious disagreements can arise. At Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C., we want our clients to have every advantage when and if their divorce is contested. We apply our knowledge of substantive law and court tendencies to counsel you about pursuing the best strategy to achieve your goals. Our Brooklyn family law attorneys limit their caseloads to provide highly personalized representation.

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