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Establishing the Essential Criteria for No-Fault Divorce

Your marriage has reached the point of no return - you're confident that divorce is the only way out now. Under New York's no-fault divorce statute, it doesn't matter what caused your marriage to break down. If you can swear under oath that your marriage is, in the words of the statute, irretrievably broken down for more than six months, you don't have to prove any other grounds. If you think you're in this situation, Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. can help. Our Brooklyn divorce lawyer can advise you on exactly what you need to do to establish irrefutably that you meet the criteria to file a no-fault divorce.

Is this anything like "irreconcilable differences"?

The term "irretrievably broken" is similar to the grounds for divorce in other states known as "irreconcilable differences," at least in how the court applies the statute. It is New York's form of a no-fault divorce. The terminology may vary from state to state; the intent, however, is largely the same: to allow people to end their marriages in a civil and sane fashion without the necessity of assigning fault. Divorce is difficult enough and in most cases, there are usually enough accusations of blame to go around. Most clients who opt for no-fault divorce realize that they have nothing to gain from formally assigning fault and everything to gain from a quicker divorce. This frees up your attorney to focus on the other issues, such as finances and children, and allows you to get back to your life that much quicker.

The benefits of a divorce on the basis of an irretrievable breakdown include, but are not limited to:

  • Faster than contested divorce
  • Saves you time and money
  • Allows for amicable terms

Our Divorce Lawyers Work to Finalize the Process

New York's no-fault law makes it easier to file for divorce, but may actually make it harder to finalize one, in some circumstances. If you cite any of the grounds for divorce in New York, the court may grant a judgment of divorce even before you wrap up all your ancillary issues, such as custody, support, and property distribution. However, the no-fault statute specifically prohibits the court from finalizing a divorce until all these issues are decided. If a swift completion is important to you, make sure you have an experienced, capable divorce attorney managing your case. Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C. is an established Brooklyn-based law firm providing comprehensive divorce service throughout the five boroughs, Westchester, and Nassau.

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