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In New York, it's put up or shut up. At Coffinas & Lusthaus, P.C., we've represented underdog clients against high-profile opposition, and we've leveled the field. We've come before hardened judges and convinced them that the law was not settled, and they should look at it in a new light. We've demonstrated the intelligence, passion and perseverance to succeed under the type of pressure that only New Yorkers face and only New Yorkers can shrug off. If you're looking for the best advocate for your family law issues, consider that we are:

  • Established - Over almost 50 years, we've built an outstanding reputation among our colleagues in the law and our many satisfied clients. The following cases indicate why.
  • Innovative - You'll see in the cases below that our knowledge of law and procedure leads to creative strategies that benefit our clients and often set precedent for future cases.
  • Effective - Family law is about preserving and protecting what matters most in your life. Scan through the cases below to see just how tenacious we've been in pursuing fair outcomes for our clients and protecting their rights and interests.

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Child Custody and Access

P.M.N. v A.N.

N v E.Y-N

L.V. v F.V.

R.F. v I.F.

J.G. v M.G

Division of Marital Property

K.E. v. Y.E.

R.S. v S.Z.

M.M. v A.M.

S.P. v J.P.

P.S. v D.S.

P.S. v T.S.

F v F

J.G. v M.G.

Child Support

A.C. v J.O.

J.G. v M.G.

R.S. v S.Z.

Spousal Support

J.H. v W.H.

Enforceability of Pre-nuptial Agreements

M.C. v E.C.

Sanctions and Counsel Fees

K.E. v Y.E.

M-C.F. v S.F.


C.R. v D.M.

Grandparent Rights

C.R. v D.M.

Finality of Case

H.Z. v M.Z.

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